ETS2 optimization (Increase your FPS) for Euro Truck Simulator 2

ETS2 optimization (Increase your FPS) for Euro Truck Simulator 2
ETS2 Optimizer (Повышение FPS) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 miniature 1
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Published on 1 August 2020

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Despite the fact that ETS2 for many years and the graphics it is, frankly, not the best (excluding themselves trucks and trailers, of course), he's just not terribly optimized. But this fact very much affects those players who, for one reason or another, continue to play not on the most powerful Hardware.

However, the game has a separate config file with more advanced features settings by itself (unlike those graphics settings what is in it).

In General, thanks to this mod your FPS in the game will be more, much more. Although large changes in graphics/gameplay, you won't notice.

What corrected:
— Slightly reduced traffic.
— Slightly reduced the texture quality and draw some objects.
— As well as a number of other changes.

What has changed me:
— Fixed a bug with the mirrors.
— Removed the developer dashboard.
— Fixed bug with vegetation.

In my example: in the standard game with 100% scale in the menu, I get maybe 30-40 FPS (in-game not more than 15), with this modification — the menu more than 60-70 FPS (with a garage) without clearance — 120-140 FPS in game is stable ~27-36 FPS (strong drawdowns only when a large number of traffic jams, particularly in the areas of customs).

Note: do NOT CHANGE the graphics settings, where there is "Other" (excluding SCALE)!

Van Helsing 123 Original settings.
— Zackary S. — Fix, test.
Author:  Makar S. (Makar_SmW86), Ван Хельсинг 123
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