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Minecraft - game in the genre of "sandbox", created by Markus Persson (Notch) and released in 2011. Taking the Infiniminer, Marcus begins in 2009 to create Minecraft project. Having passed the way of development in 2 years, November 18, 2011 release version was released.

Game Minecraft was asked to buy for $ 19.95. But such a price does not scare the players, as for just that kind of money you can become a creator of a new world with its own laws and regulations.

The game originally had two modes: Classic and Survival. Classic - includes the construction of the world of cubic blocks. In this mode, the player is immortal and it is available all kinds of blocks. In survival mode, it becomes aggressive Minecraft place where the player will have to fight for your virtual life with hunger and monsters.

On our site you can find thousands of add-ons and modifications to minecraft. You will be surprised that absolutely any modes you can set in the automatic mode. You do not have to learn tedious instructions. Just download the installer and click "Install".

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