Mods for Farming Simulator 2015

Farmer Simulator Farming Simulator 2015 is the continuation of a series of Giants Software games, which has already caused a lot of buzz among fans of the genre.

The picturesque forests, spacious farmland, hungry animals, and tons of manure per hectare does not plowed earth - that's what life is usually linked to a farmer in Farming Simulator 2015. Players have already appreciated by the intersection of gaming events in real life, and even build your own farm in the vast virtual land.

The game allows you to play alone, with friends or bots. Most people choose friends alive, because more fun with them. Moreover, the maximum number of participants is extended up to 15 people.

The developers have always tried to focus on the realism of the events that led to the emergence of a modified game "engine". It will add some modern effects, increase the quality of texture mapping and physics bring the game to perfection in its class.

The old tractor and miserable diversity of crops and living creatures left in the past. On the farm there was a modern technique, which can only dream of many real agricultural associations. The player will have to be smart to keep track of all production processes and not to leave hungry animal, including new types appeared.

The available maps area was significantly increased, partly helped to introduce a new type of activity - the blank log cabins. They can stock up on using a basic technique or download the appropriate mod.

Now the player can observe the interaction of different objects together, which was not in previous versions of the game. For example, at the approach of a train to move down the barrier and will have to wait. Foliage on trees and other small objects respond to the impact of weather conditions (rain, wind and so on. N.).

On our website you can find hundreds of mods and gameplay physics game, which further extend the capabilities of "farmers". Also, you can find a variety of real-life models of agricultural machines and put them in your game for even greater realism. And all completely free!

You will appreciate the ease of installation modifications downloaded from our website. All modes are available in the form of autoinstaller that he will do everything for you. We just need to click on "Install."

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