Breeding cows in Farming Simulator 2017

In this article we will tell you in detail about the intricacies of breeding cows in Farming Simulator 2017. Farming is one of the areas in the farm games. It brings profit and dilutes your farm interesting challenges.

Buying cows.
Open the map and locate the icon with a dollar and a picture of the animal. Click on the icon and click go. You will find yourself middleman animals.
Разведение коров в Farming Simulator 2017

Go to the marked on the land border and press R. you will see a menu where you can choose an animal. Select the number of heads and click the submit button. The first step is done and you have purchased livestock.
Разведение коров в Farming Simulator 2017

Next, go to a cow pasture and find your cows. To do this, click on the corresponding icon on the map.
Разведение коров в Farming Simulator 2017

If you have licensed the game and is impossible to buy a pet, then just change the language in game to English via Steam.
When Farming Simulator 2017 is not tied to Incentives, go to the folder with the game. In the x86 or x64 directory, locate the file Config. Open it in Notepad and change the line language from russian to english.

What to feed cows.
You need to feed them hay, grass, straw and water.
This animal makes a profit from the sale of milk and daily replenish your farm liquid manure. Manure needed to fertilize fields. Balanced diet gives high result and effect on income from livestock.
Try to maintain a performance level of 75%, it will give the maximum effect in the game.
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Published on 19 April 2019

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