Manual ignition (Drive Control) for Farming Simulator 2017

Manual ignition (Drive Control) for Farming Simulator 2017
Ручное зажигание (Drive Control) for Farming Simulator 2017 miniature 1
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Published on 5 March 2019

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The manual ignition mod adds realism to the game.
Now sitting in a transport you have to first start the engine, remove the handbrake and gear and go.
If you don't put the handbrake on the tractor, it can roll.

1) Inclusion of all-wheel drive (4x4 included when your vehicle will consume more fuel) to activate press Shift 4
2) differential Lock (Attaches to the cross-country vehicle) to activate press Shift 5
3) Manual brake: to withdraw/to put press Ctrl space
4) speed Limiter (allows you to control the maximum speed of your vehicle) press Shift right arrow or left, You will see in the lower right corner will change as interest rates. For example, if you leave 50%, then your tractor will only go half-fast from all its maximum speed.
5) to start the equipment, press and hold the Enter key.
6) to include back speed, press the spacebar, then to go forward press also spacebar.
7) the new version added more customization options cruise control

Attention! As soon as You install this mod, you have all the equipment will default to stand on the handbrake in the figure above, the red letter "P" means just that, remove it (Ctrl space) and You will be able to go.
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