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Why should you add modifications to the site?

Our site has in its database already more than 40,000 modifications! But can not exist without your help and so we ask you add modifications to the site. Loyal users will receive from us not only gratitude but also valuable prizes!

Here are some reasons why you should add mods on

  1. Its help you express gratitude to the administration for creating and maintaining this site. Just a little help - and we do not need more!
  2. Expanding our file archive you make the game of other users more interesting every day! The more choices modifications, the more varied and interesting is your game. Believe tens or even hundreds of users will be very grateful to you for your work!
  3. Your help allow us devote more time adding new functionality and simplifying the installation of mods!
  4. For your work you will also receive a star. User Rating on our site built from stars.
  5. Each month, we summarize and reward the user who will score more stars!
  6. Also! At the end of the month among all the people who have added to the site at least 5 mods will be awarded an additional prize! Prize randomly get one of the participants in the site, which has added at least 5 mods in this month.
  7. But that's not all! When you collect in your account 10 000 stars in total, you will receive our exclusive set of fan! It includes T-shirt, cap and a mug with the logo of our portal. Also, if desired, we can additionally Apply Your site nickname.

But by and large it does not matter - whether you are the most active on the website or not. The main thing is that we all do one common cause - developing modding games and help people modify their game as simple as possible!

(*) The stars you'll get for adding any mods, but please note that if any of your mods will score a lot of minuses (ie mod will be of poor quality or very poorly designed), we have to remove it from the site and obtained for it the stars written off from your account.

(**) If the user receives a gift of a game that does not suit him, he can change it to any other of the same value.

If you have any problems with adding mods, write us on feedback - we will help!

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