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For that you can receive Star on the site

  • For adding mods (1 to 8)

    When you add a mod, it is checked for clearance. The better it is decorated, the more stars you can get. Stars are awarded for items:

    • filled description (1 star)
    • correctly added files (1 star)
    • added screenshots (1 star)
    • added a video(s) (1 star)
    • x2 for the perfect mod. If all previous steps is done correctly, then the number of stars doubles.

  • For moderation of modifications (1 to 6)

    We use a two-tier moderation. At first mod moderated by I-level moderator, then the II-nd. II-level moderator fixes mistakes, which made ​​the previous moderator and assesses his work.

    I-level moderator can be earn:

    • 1 star if poorly moderated mods and erred
    • 3 stars if checked mods and not erred
    • 6 stars if in addition to checking itself improved mod design, such as adding video or made ​​better screenshots

  • Other methods that are still in development

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