How to install their conflict for transport for GTA 3

To begin with, we need a program to insert conflicts. I use colleditor2 v0.4 beta. Download here

Files of this type, the program works with colleditor, at the end of the subscribed col. For example, blista.col, bus.col (may be the model and no col) file.

Installation manual col files:
So, to begin, head over to our program. It looks like this:
Как установить свою коллизию для транспорта

To begin with, we need to go to the vehicles.col file (there are stored the original col files from Rockstrar). It is located at: D:\\GTA \\models\\Coll\\. 3 Click on File-> Open and open the file of vehicles. The first thing we see on the screen to the right circles have appeared, yellow lines and right appeared a long list, it starts with the airtrain (aircraft). This is a conflict of transport.
Как установить свою коллизию для транспорта

Once you have opened a file, you must remove the old conflict! I'll take, for example, bus (to understand the difference). Click on the bus, right-click-> delete
Как установить свою коллизию для транспорта
now insert your col file. But for this already use another function: click Add and choose your file with conflict.
Как установить свою коллизию для транспорта
It booted and is at the end of our list. Important: If you want to change the replacement model to another, change the name of the col file on your replacement model (click on it twice). Everything. You set your conflict and can withdraw from the program. Do not forget to confirm the replacement.
Как установить свою коллизию для транспорта
And finally, if you want to exit the file, use safely vehicles File-> Close. Good luck!
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Published on 5 February 2016

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