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GAZ M-20 Victory for GTA 5

GAZ M-20 Victory for GTA 5
 ГАЗ М-20 Победа for GTA 5 miniature 1
 ГАЗ М-20 Победа for GTA 5 video 1
 ГАЗ М-20 Победа for GTA 5 miniature 2  ГАЗ М-20 Победа for GTA 5 miniature 3  ГАЗ М-20 Победа for GTA 5 miniature 4  ГАЗ М-20 Победа for GTA 5 miniature 5
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Published on 20 July 2018

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- There is tuning, which can be installed in Los Santos Customs
- Detailed exterior
- Detailed interior
- There is a 3D engine
- Bullet holes remain
- Open all doors, covers, engine compartment and Luggage compartment
- Mirrors reflect the gaming world
- The steering wheel turns
- Exterior, interior and wheels repainted
- All glass (except windshield) tinted
- All glass prostrelivaûtsâ, crack and break
- Working lights
- The lights are broken
- Neon lights displayed correctly
The exterior gets dirty and scratched
- High quality textures wheel tires
- The tires of the wheels are pierced
- There is an animation of the suspension
- There is interior lighting
- There are lighting fixtures on the dashboard
- Present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
- Animation of the speedometer
- The character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat
- The character's hands grasping the steering wheel
- The car can be up to four characters
- The model contains extras
- In the distance model (except the wheels) looks like up close
Tested in game version 1.0.1180.2
ATTENTION!!! This mod replaces the handling.meta, therefore, to put only on a clean game!
Author:  AKROM
This mod required:
Make: ГАЗ
Model to replace: Albany Manana
Moderators: tima2014, Vovan244
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