Carefully! Popular mods for GTA V contained viruses

Осторожно! Популярные моды для GTA V содержат вирусы

Popular mods for GTA V such as "Angry Planes," "NoClip", "Player/Peds Ragdoll Mod 2.1" and perhaps others contain viruses.

This was announced today at the Forum Fashion Angry Planes contain keystroke logging, is responsible for ensuring that the user types on the keyboard, and communicates with remote computers on the Internet.

Signs of a virus on your computer are:

  • the presence of the csc.exe to running programs
  • file Fade.exe in the folder for temporary files in the Temp
  • in some cases the virus under the name of GTA5.exe is placed in the x 64 folder in the directory GTA
Осторожно! Популярные моды для GTA V содержат вирусы

Once the news became known, we carefully checked every file for GTA 5 and removed the fashion: "Angry Planes," "NoClip", "Player/Peds Ragdoll Mod 2.1" and "Tanks Spawn at Five Stars". If you put these mods from our or any other site, it is recommended that you scan your computer for viruses.

If the antivirus is not detecting and/or deleting these files, the complete step-by-step tutorial explaining the sequence of action is here .

Given the type of virus (keystroke logging) on infected computers, we strongly recommend that you change your password, at least the ones that were used after installing the mod.

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Published on 15 May 2015

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