Open All Interiors 3.0 for GTA 5

Open All Interiors 3.0 for GTA 5
Open All Interiors 3.0 for GTA 5 miniature 1
Open All Interiors 3.0 for GTA 5 video 1
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Published on 13 October 2015

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All Interiors for GTA 5-script modification that opens access to more than 40 locations games that were previously inaccessible to players. It's removed from the game and get into that previously could only during certain missions.

Built in MOD guide showing the location of all locations on the game map.

In version 3.0:
-Added 7 new interiors (yacht, aircraft carrier from robberies GTA Online; building IAA; film; Office of Solomon; Beach House Chumash).
-Mod Editor now works in Rockstar you can shoot video. Only need to enable compatibility mode in INI FILE, otherwise it will conflict with the missions.
-Fixed problem, error, fine-tuned some moments.

In version 2.0:
-Added 6 new locations.
-You can now access the homes and apartments of Michael, Trevor and Franklin as any character.
-Added working elevator in Humane Labs, leading to the tunnels.
-Added the ability to teleport to House Madrazo.
— Open the various rooms in police stations.
-Open Office at Simon.
— And much more.
— Also appeared configuration .ini file.

Open interiors:
1. LifeInvader offices
2. Tequi-la-la
3. Sandy Shores sheriff department
4. Paleto Bay sheriff department
5. Lazlow's stadium
6. Cluckin Bell factory
7. Bahamas Mamas West nightclub
8. Comedy club
9. The O'Neil farmhouse
10. The "Humane Labs"
11. FIB building bottom floors
12. FIB building floor 49
13. FIB building burnt out floors 47-53
14. Hospital
15. Epsilon storage room
16. Lester's sweatshop
17. Jewellery store
18. Building under construction beside the jewellery store
19. Lester's house
20. Franklin's aunt's house
21. Janitor's apartment
22. Foundry
23. Recycling plant
24. Meat packing facility
25. Simeon's dealership
26. Torture building
27. Morgue
28. Madrazo's ranch
29. Floyd's house
30. Devin Weston's chop shop
31. Omega's lab
32. Paleto Bay bank

Clamp the F7 to show on the map tag. Some of the interiors of the outside doors, so you simply teleports inside, when you get to them.
Author:  NewTheft
This mod required:
Moderators: smalloff, xXx_NIGER_xXx

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