The Beef for GTA 5

The Beef for GTA 5
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Published on 20 May 2023

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Now everytime you shoot a gang member from up close, they will remember you for a timeframe determined by yourself in the ini, it's a week by default.

They will not remember you if you snipe them, for example, the mod only works at a range set in the ini (by default 25 meters) gives you a reason to stay out of sight by climbing up a building and using that sniper rifle when you want to mess with gangs.

Once you kill a gang member while been within the set range, they will notice your presence and reinforcements will be called, a vehicle from the gang filled with 4 members will arrive and shoot at you.

It's compatible with story mode or mods that create gang members as mission peds (Like the ballas mission with lamar, JavelinV or the gang by Dealien) which means, gangs will remember you after you finish that mission or after you kill a gang member in JavelinV/The Gang.

If a gang remembers you, the gang members will try to fight you on sight, the gang will also send hit squads towards you on your daily basis until the beef is over.

-You can have an infinite fight with gang members now with the reinforcements feature, if you keep killing them they keep coming.

-If you don't want to keep fighting you have to leave and make sure the reinforcements are not following you.

-If you want to set any character beef to true in the ini, you need to set the whole gang to be in beef mode

-The beef timer restarts every time you damage a gang member of the gang you're beefing with, and with a default time of a game week, you'll have to play a lot of golf and a lot of tenis and do a lot of running away for that beef to be squashed.

- Added toggles to disable text messages

- "ENABLETHREATMESSAGES" set to true by default, enables messages received when the beef starts

- "ENABLEHITTIPS" enables messages received when a random gang hit spawns, set to true by default, I recommend setting it to false for immersion, will force you to constantly be looking behind your shoulder and being aware in case of an attack
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