We are 1 year old!

We are 1 year old!

Today our website is celebrating its first birthday! A year ago the site was released and took the first visitor. And though one year is a very short term, we can say with confidence that this year was a lot of work done. The results you can see for yourself. Now online for over 30,000 modifications with automatic! We are grateful to everyone who helped us in the development of this wonderful project! Today and your holiday including!

Many thanks to all those who have added to the site modifications who left comments, shared links with friends and any other ways of helping us to raise modding games to a new level! We work every day in order to make you nice and easy to modify your games!

In honor of the holiday we have prepared for you a little update our portal! Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately it only applies to games in the series Grand Theft Auto.

So, now all mods of the categories

will display the model they replace. This allows you to filter by replace models for which they are designed, such as skins to replace fam1 for GTA San Andreas or replacement tennis shoes for GTA 4. And also in the installers you will see images of the model on which is placed a skin or clothing. You will also have the opportunity to change the model directly during the installation of the mod, if you have the recommended model is replaced by another mod, or just because you feel like it. It will look like this:

But that\'s not all! Now when you select a skin that you want to replace the mod is also available Skin Selector! This means that now any skin available on the site you can put in place any pedal in the game or replace the main character and their own play for him, using the Skin Selector for GTA San Andreas.

With skins everything is fine - any skin can be replaced by any ped. Weapons unfortunately changed during the installation of the mod will not work, and the clothes out, but with a few twists. In short, the one thing you can only change a few loved ones on display models.

We do that to us has never been done! We try for you! We aim to simplify your modding games! Stay tuned, stay tuned. You can be sure you will have a lot of new things!

Modification of the game becomes easier with each passing day!

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Published on 12 September 2013

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