Improved automatic installation of mods for GTA 5

Improved automatic installation of mods for GTA 5

Hello, friends!

We are proud to announce that the finished work on the development of improved algorithm, that import files into the GTA 5 archives. The obvious problem was that when the new DLC release, the game files are replaced with new copies of old and stopped working with our modification and other sites gta 5 mods. Now this problem is solved. Even if the mod meant for the older version of the game, then all of its files are now put correctly and will work. And even if after the modification developers have released dozens of game updates, we automatically determine in which update (DLC)must install one or the other file.

If you are faced with the fact that after the release of the new DLC any of your mods stopped working, then you just need to reinstall it using our installer. Need only support our installer of the updated functionality. That is, it must be version 3.63 or higher.

We always work hard to help you set up new interesting mods for GTA 5 and beyond. Stay and we will continue to surprise you!

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Published on 21 March 2016

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