Yay! New design!

Yay! New design!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Today we are pleased to present a huge update! We started to prepare it one year ago, and after long and hard work we can't wait to introduce it to you. Welcome!

1. The new logo

Simpler, more modern, but still the same GameModding! By the way now its easier to print on shirts.

2. New design

We removed a lot of unnecessary details that made the design more modern, to make it easier to use the site - to download mods and chat with each other.

Yay! New design!
3. Mobile version

Now see the new site on all devices: sitting at a Desk, at work and even in those places, about which do not speak. Finally there's a mobile version of the site! smile

4. A new category of mods

We've completely redesigned the categories on the website. Now the categories contains sub-categories. It is easier to find any specific mods. For example, you can easily download all HUDs for GTA SA or pistols.

Yay! New design!
5. Redesigned search

Look for mods has now become easier. You can specify what category you want to search and Refine search with filters. You can just filter out of mods, if you leave the search field empty.

Yay! New design!
Yay! New design!
6. Modes "tile" and "list"

Now you can choose the most convenient mods display mode. In tile mode you can view mods faster as the post takes up less space on the page. In the list there is a possibility to get acquainted with the mod in more detail. That is more convenient to you.

7. Additional information about mod

Detailed mod description we separate on two tabs. Basic description can be seen immediately, and all additional information can be found on the "Advanced" tab. There you can learn what mods are needed for normal operation, to which this mod was adapt and more.

We had a lot of effort and spent a lot of time for a complete redesign. Hope You enjoyed the update.

If You came across any mistake or You have good ideas to improve the site, feel free to write us about them: wawilon and smalloff. If not registered, write here.

That's about it. Nice modding!

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Published on 23 August 2018

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