Happy belated birthday, and may not with the past 0_o

Happy belated birthday, and may not with the past 0_o

Hello to all the residents of the site from the admins with a bad memory.

It so happened that the one who had a good memory for important dates website, pumped up a little this year. smile03
Thank you Lech (lk_1997_kl) that reminded.

A little background. 7 years ago, gathered a small company of developers over a Cup of coffee and began diligently to come up with a website, now known as For those who don't know, it was a website but not so long ago we were pereimenovali.
At that time he was visited by a handful of fashion and could be counted on the fingers.

But as time passed and the site became a huge archive of interesting articles and mods. Instead of 3 games appeared 23 games. A community site overgrown with interesting and talented people.
Every year we follow the tradition to celebrate the date when the website appeared on the Internet. It happened September 20.

Times the memory for me this year failed, the old was like. smile12

So celebrate today. To walk so to walk. Yes?

Website happy birthday!

7 years. Go to school!!!

All the holiday, hurrah! bigsmile
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Published on 24 September 2019

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