MineCamera for Minecraft

MineCamera for Minecraft
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Published on 7 April 2016

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Another wonderful mod Mine Camera for Minecraft 1.7.10 will be very useful for those people who write their manuals, reviews and so on. This addition represents a certain kind of camera that will be rotated along with the look of the character. This ability greatly simplify future work on videos. Now you don't have to write in smaller chunks, then sit and mount. Author fashion well enough thought out it. And did it exactly the same as most expected. In addition, this appendix will not be observed certain deficiencies and other glitches that only complicate gameplay. In General, using the mod Mine Camera for Minecraft 1.7.10 can be develop cool videos that will be popular. But this is not everything you need to succeed.
List of commands:
/camera create creates Chambers
/camera switch {camera Number} shows the view from the camera
remove/camera {Room camera} removes the specified camera
/camera remove all removes all cameras
Author:  DavNew
This mod required:
  • Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification - 1.7.10.

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