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Guide for creating mod packs (compilations)

First, to create a mod pack or more simply a compilation of modifications you need to mouse over a”+” button at the top panel and select \"Create pack\". You will see the editor, in which you need to enter a title for the pack to be created and two descriptions of it. The first description will be added to the installer (not more than 1000 characters), and the second one will be displayed on the site (no restrictions on the length of description). Then select the game for which you want to create a pack. After that, you will see an empty list of mods.

To fill it in, click on the \"Add\" button. A dialog box will appear showing a range of modifications. In this dialog box, select the category of mods. After you`ve selected the category a table with modifications in this category will appear

Each mod has a small picture-screenshot, by clicking on which you will see the full image of the mod and read its description.

Next to every mod there`s an \"Add” button After selecting the mod you like, simply click on this button and this modification will be added to the pack, at that “Add” button will be changed to \"Delete\" button. At the top of the dialog box, you can see the number of pages with the mods on the selected criterion.

For now we`ve only chosen the category with the mods, but there is also an advanced filter of modifications. For example, if you want only mods for Audi make or Admiral model to be displayed, then, of course, all this can be done through an advanced filter search. Different parameters can also be combined together. After selecting the required parameters you need to click on the \"Apply\" button and you will see the mods that fit the selected parameters.

After you`ve finished selecting mods for the pack the dialogue box can be closed. All mods will be displayed in a list. If a mod has a replace model (e.g. for cars in GTA), it will be displayed opposite the mod.

You can change a model for any mod. It does not matter which model was replaced by this mod earlier. In the pack, it will replace the one that you selected. If it appears that you have selected several mods to replace the same model (e.g., 2 mods for Admiral), then it will be considered as a conflict and for one of the mods another model should be chosen. After that, the error and the conflict should no longer be there.

After you`ve finished selecting mods for the pack you need to select the category in which this pack will be posted. If the pack includes a lot of mods from different categories, then choose the category \"Other packs.\"

After selecting a category, feel free to click \"Save\" button and you can search for the pack in \"My mods\" section. Now you can download it, add screenshots and videos, as well as post it on the site!

Let\'s create interesting mod packs together!

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