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Rules for creating mod packs

In order for your pack to be posted on the website you have to follow the below rules when creating it:

  1. The pack should have at least some description.
  2. The pack must be provided with screenshots (at least 5 pieces). It is preferable to have a single screenshot for several mods included in the pack. For example, if it\'s cars, then arrange them in a row and take a screenshot. Forbidden to take screenshots of the individual mods included in the pack, which is published on the site. Screenshots must be new!
  3. If the pack consists of a small number of mods (2-3), it might not pass moderation. The exception is the pack being small, but thematic, such as, for example, skins pack for one of the gangs in GTA SA.
  4. We do not post packs that are 70% or more similar to one of the packs already posted on the site. Try to add packs, which have not yet been posted on the site.

These rules are subject to change and expand, but for now that`s all.

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