Patch "Spintires Plus 8" for Spintires 2014

Patch Spintires Plus 8 for Spintires 2014
Патч «Spintires Plus 8» for Spintires 2014 miniature 1
Патч «Spintires Plus 8» for Spintires 2014 video 1
Патч «Spintires Plus 8» for Spintires 2014 miniature 2 Патч «Spintires Plus 8» for Spintires 2014 miniature 3
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Published on 14 December 2016

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A collection of hacks and changes to SpinTires to change the game.
A short list of changes:
-hot keys for extended menu
-increase the speed of work (in the main menu)
-icons on the outside of the minimap
-adjust the power coupling (trailers)
-better menu to select maps and trucks

Detailed list of changes:

STPControlledConstraints: allows you to manage the technique by using certain player keys and need to go to the Advanced menu. This feature was originally intended for the creation of an independent rear steering, so that the user can use the 2 additional keys to control the rear wheels.

FasterFileAccess: allows you to access files a little faster, especially when the game contains many files (installed many truck or very many addons). List of addons in the garage opens noticeably faster (if the addons very much).

ExternalMinimap: added icons for key locations (garages, gas stations, etc.). If you don't like the icons, you can use your own.

CustomizableTrailerBreakoffForce: allows you to determine what load the trailer can withstand not otcepljajas' (power coupling). Note that in the standard game, a truck with a trailer has a hard limit of BreakoffThreshold 16000.

AlternateMapMenu: replaces the menu scrolling maps, with the possibility of searching and sorting.
ScrollableMapMenu: removed. Instead, use AlternateMapMenu.

AlternateTruckMenu: replaces truck selection menu. 3D icons instead of the car displayed a static picture, this eliminates ' brake ' in this menu. Keep in mind that selecting this menu automatically replaces the menu card.

SelectStartupAddons: selection of addons for trucks on startup card removed. Instead, use AlternateTruckMenu.

HandleCursorWithoutDirectX: additional unconfirmed bug fix invisible cursor. Try this, if DPIIndependentCursorSize doesn't help. Anyone has similar problem try and post-did this decision.

Bug fixes:
-crash when using the addon for gear while driving.
-ReleaseWinchKey works for winches for trailers.

Note: If you have very dark icons Preview in the new menu, please notify the developers of fashion. Brightness should be the same as in the standard menu.

Free translation: Khan (Alex Mikhail Sinyov)
Author:  Localhost
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