What are the stars?

Stars on - it was invented by our award which is given to the members of our site for the activity. By the number of stars earned built total and monthly rankings.

Why do I need the stars?

Each month we summarize and reward the most active participants. So party that is gaining the most stars in the past month is guaranteed to receive a prize, which is announced in advance. Usually it is any game in Steam.

Also, all participants are more or less actively engaged on your site we conduct monthly lottery. Normally for the lottery you need to dial 35 star within a month.

And yet, the participant site by typing 50 star during the month receives the status of active users by the end of next month. Active users browsing the site without advertising, and download any files without waiting time.

Finally, a user who has a total of all time gaining 10000 star is guaranteed to receive from us a set of fan site which includes a T-shirt and mug cap with the logo of our site!

How to earn stars?

  1. 1 star for visiting our site. The star is given at the first visit the site each day.
  2. From 2 to 8 star for adding modification. The maximum award is given for an ideal addition modes, which correctly filled in all the fields, and also added screenshots and demo videos. For adding mods to some games given the bonus 1 - 3 star . Thus, the maximum award for adding modification is 11 star .
  3. 5 star for a good comment for publication. Considered a good comment that gaining 10 pluses by other members of the site.
  4. 1 star for checking (moderation) modifications added to site.

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