The estate of "hot spring" for TES V: Skyrim

The estate of hot spring for TES V: Skyrim
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Published on 30 July 2014

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The estate is located on the territory of Vindhel′ma. Strictly South from stables, between the river hut and Grove "fog witch." Also npodaleku is the Grove of Keane.
A more precise location, you can see in the screenshot.

House key stores the ogre, the previous owner of sožravšij estate and walking away from it.

On the estate there is a trooper.
The yard is the same dog that can serve as a faithful companion
Yet there is a small and cosy Pergola.

In the House there are many rooms:
Hall-here is the Bard, which always can be asked to perform some of the music)
Library-a set of bookcases, Pentagram and alchemical table. There is also a librarian, who can buy some magic stuff)
Greenhouse-there are many lawns for planting your own ingredients. For greenhouses is a gardener who has just a few ingredients are available as well as a very entertaining book.
Bedroom-here everything is simple: beds, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, caskets for jewelry.
Room of worship-here are nine altars and stone guardians. The priest is here to buy charms to nine.
Hall of Fame-a huge, majestic room filled with utvor′û to perpetuate the achievements of the master of the House. There are mannequins, stands for weapons, stands for shields, weapons racks, display cases. Pedestals for trophies and busts to nine major masks Dragon priests.
After going down the stairs we get on the ground floor of the House. Hosts:
Kitchen-the kitchen has a stove, on which you can make homemade food that better (gives best effects) than the standard. The kitchen is a Cook, which you can also buy something to eat and drink. The kitchen is equipped with a manhole in the wine cellar.
Wine cellar-it is always possible to replenish the supply of alcohol. There is a choice of 5 barrels with drink.
Smithy-all the ingredients for blacksmithing as well as many chests for storage. A blacksmith, who is also secretly selling different poleznostâmi.
Bedroom working-small room with four beds, in which rests the workers after a hard day's work.
At the lowest level of the entrance to the baths:
Bath is a small natural cave, filled with the waters of the hot springs.
Author:  Terryfying
This mod required:
Hearthfire DLC, Dawnguard DLC, Dragonborn DLC
  • Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification - 1.7.

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