Configs for Counter-Strike 1.6 with automatic installation

Each player in the Counter-Strike has a configuration file with the settings for the game. If you play Counter-Strike, then you have it too. Cs in a lot of different settings and commands for the console. Even you can do so-called aliases (aliases), which allow you to combine certain actions in successive chains and then to put such an alias by clicking on a button. Due to such flexible settings can completely customize the game by itself, make the management of such, with which you will be more comfortable to play. For example you can purchase several types of weapons and ammunition to them assigned to a specific key.
This section presents the various ready configs for cs 1.6. Each configuration you can download in the form of simple archive file, or in the form of autoinstaller, which will put the configuration in the game automatically and is also easily removed, restoring your old config.

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