Gyrodyne Bee/Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4

Gyrodyne Bee/Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4
Винтокрыл Пчела / Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4 miniature 1 Винтокрыл Пчела / Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4 miniature 2 Винтокрыл Пчела / Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4 miniature 3 Винтокрыл Пчела / Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4 miniature 4 Винтокрыл Пчела / Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4 miniature 5 Винтокрыл Пчела / Vertibird Pchela for Fallout 4 miniature 6
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Published on 27 August 2017

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Gyrodyne convertiplane is a personal Bee Survivor with the Office with the help of golodiska, a small quest, two flight modes, recipes and needs for fuel and repairs. Quest Bees will begin immediately upon entering the game, if you completed the quest "call free", where Surviving releases Preston Garvey and his group in Concord and helps you reach the sanctuary. If the call is not freedom, the quest begins when leaving the Bee Museum of freedom through the door to the roof, where lies the fallen rotorcraft, his Minigun and power armor. Through that same door it is necessary to pass when you Call freedom. " Unlike the rotodyne, the bee has additional functions:-transport in peace mode or hunting in battle-by choice, switching can be made at any time. The name of the Bee varies depending on the mode: peaceful, Bee Bee battle. Transport is carried out in the normal way-sit in rotorcraft and indicate on the map peep-battlefield desired location. If the Bee is in battle mode, there will be ways to seek out and destroy the enemies until all does not shoot. At any moment, absorbed, can forget about the purpose of the flight. In this case, you can switch it in peace mode and again specify the desired location; -provide constant air cover any territory, for example, settlements. For this purpose it is necessary to leave the bee to stand in settlement with fuel and included the martial regime; -accompany the Surviving outdoors; -works in flight condition monitoring bees: Aggressiveness/Correctness/fuel. Monitoring can be turn on/off; -to communicate with the Bee do not need to be Surviving in any fractions; -available, along with the fuel tank compartment for storage and transportation of cargo. In the event of the death of Bees baggage remains. -not to attack friendly to Surviving characters; -in case of loss can be recovered. It will take the cost of steel. The contents of the fuel tank in case of loss will be destroyed, but luggage will continue. Only in case of loss you will see a new button in peep-fight to teleport to a dead Bee. Sometimes fell on the roofs of skyscrapers, where without a console is not accessible; -increased compared to conventional vintokrylami: health, resistance to normal damage and energy. The damage of course weapons upgraded to a 20 mm aircraft cannons WWII damage Minigun bees are not changed. -the immortal Bee teleport is constantly available when it landed. That may not Bee: Bee does not arrive, if you throw a Signal Generator for the rotodyne, as for usual rotodyne. The call is only possible through golodisk, consuming one signal block; -forever fly. As soon as the fuel runs out, the bee will land, if flies without Survivor. If fuel ended when Surviving flies, it can fly, but will not be able to fly again without refueling. The fuel serves as a standard fuel for the flamethrower, you need to put it into the fuel tank. Fuel costs can be configured, by default, 6 pieces/1:00; -cannot be called, if will die. Switch the bee in peace mode if you need to:-Plant Bee-fast access to the destination Switch in battle mode, if you need to:-hunt-her fire support if you leave Bee stand in peace mode outside of a friendly settlement, very often it stealthily attacks the enemy and kills. That it could fend for themselves, leave it in battle mode. Flight command in peep-fight are visible if the Survivor is not in flight and not vintokryle. Repair, fuel tank and luggage compartment, painting-just beside Bee new recipes that appear in the laboratory as well when passing the quest: "flamethrower fuel, conventional-two prescription for distillation of rubber or plastic; "The signal block for the rotodyne, the usual-one recipe for the production of textiles, adhesives and fertilizers; "Bee: golodisk»-golodisk Bee management. All Bee management, including recovery is made through golodisk.
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