Vis 2349 for GTA 4

Vis 2349 for GTA 4
Вис 2349 for GTA 4 miniature 1 Вис 2349 for GTA 4 miniature 2 Вис 2349 for GTA 4 miniature 3 Вис 2349 for GTA 4 miniature 4
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Published on 8 March 2023

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Features of the model:
-Good quality of textures and the model itself
-Supports the main functions of the game
-GG and passenger are sitting correctly
-The hood opens correctly
-All the windows are breaking, bullet marks remain
- There are bullet marks all over the body
-The car looks the same in the distance as it does up close
-All headlights work correctly
-The correct disc with a burst tire
-Light in the passenger compartment on the driver's side when opening the doors
List of changes:
-3D taillights have been created
-The "rear" part of the front headlights was created during deformation
-The reverse side of the hood was created
-Fixed dummy hood (hood opens in the right direction)
-Each detail has its own collision made
-Three-dimensional textures of wheels and license plate are made
-The light bulbs on the racks inside the cabin always glow
- The "booth" has no collision (the onboard version was originally made)
-The windows of the rear lights are broken only if you break the turn signals on each side
-The "rear" part of the taillights is painted red
The modification was tested on version of the game. Work on other versions is not guaranteed!
Converter:  ильшат
Model to replace: Sentinel
Make: ВИС
Moderators: Vone, Vovan244

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