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Patch (EN) for GTA 4

Патч (EN)

Official third patch for the English version of the game GTA 4

  • Indoor lights for ATI 1900 series;
  • The players with the ATI 1900 series displays all light sources (for example, when playing in the pool);
  • Fixed problems with switching combination ALT-TA;
  • Graphic settings;
  • Added parameter to "off" for the quality of reflections;
  • Added parameter to "off" for shadow quality.

  • Added optimization very complex physics calculations (for example, during the race with 32 participants);
  • Improved graphic optimization.

  • The definition of NAT;
  • The definition of "severe restrictions" NAT and the withdrawal of the player corresponding message;
  • You can listen to voice communication, even if your microphone is muted.

  • Keyboard / Mouse;
  • Removed limitations when reassigning keys;
  • You can reassign the Enter key, Backspace, and arrow keys;
  • Added the possibility of appointing additional mouse buttons;
  • Added ability to enable/disable DirectInput in the menu;
  • You can activate/deactivate device control Direct Input directly from the menu "Control";
  • Command line option "-usedirectinput" overpower the corresponding setting in the game menu;
  • Support two simultaneous controllers direct input (e.g., steering wheel and gamepad);
  • Players can now simultaneously use 2 different control devices: one XInput-compatible device and one Direct Input-compatible device;
  • Added support for Direct Input/XInput - compatible devices manage:
  • Saitek P380/P480/P580/P990;
  • Saitek PS1000/PS2700/P3200/P3600;
  • gamepad Gravis Eliminator Shock.

  • Determine the modifications in the software and in case of detection and blocking access of the player to a network game;
  • When blocking access to multiplayer player comes notification about resources that have been modified;
  • Blocking access to the network game from the game cell phone and service GFWL in case of joining in the game.

Video editor:
  • Improved scroll;
  • Improved the program's reaction upon pressing a key on the keyboard;
  • Improved loading speed for large number of clips the player.

Fix bugs in patch # 2 for GTA 4:
  • The return of the stalls of the sellers of hot dogs and things like that;
  • Disappeared after installing the second patch sellers hot dogs, fences, railings, posts now again in its place;
  • Pop-up labels;
  • Fixed pop-up text labels (e.g., names of highways and streets in the area of "Star road", time);
  • Pause when switching using ALT-TAB in-game cutscenes;
  • When used for switching ALT-TAB game saver now correctly stop and resume. Of divergence of sound and pictures does not occur;

General fixes and improvements:
  • The problem with clothes from shops modo/Perseus;
  • Fixed a bug when combining clothes from shops Perseus and modo;
  • The image of the controller 360;
  • On the control setup screen displays the image of the controller.

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Published on 7 October 2012

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