Map of the BBC for GTA4 and EFLC for GTA 4

Map BBC для GTA4 и EFLC

Map BBC для GTA4 и EFLC

Map BBC для GTA4 и EFLC

Before you map (with screenshots) locations of all unique jumps, pigeons, gulls, random passers-by, medical kits, body armor, weapons (in mind), Stevie, parachutes.

Unlike previous card here:
• Minor changes.
• Fixed some bugs.
• Position the weapons locations (on the mind).
• On request, added to "unique jumps" possibility of catching video files (avi). IE you can now throw your video which shows a jump, and when you click on a tag, you will see the screenshot, and start the video file you downloaded.
To do this, you need to get a video file, rename the "jumps01" (the last digit is the number of unique jump), example: jumps01.avi, and throw the folder \GTA4_ EFLC_Map_ "[the BBC] \AutoPlay\Videos".
• Added the ability to hide the label (PTP on the label).
• Added maps for The Ballad Of Gay Tony and The Lost And Damned.

Author: MrXITMAH
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Published on 24 August 2015

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