Russian voice v2 for GTA 4

Russian voice v2 for GTA 4
Русская озвучка v2 for GTA 4 miniature 1
Русская озвучка v2 for GTA 4 video 1
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Published on 20 November 2019

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Russian voice for GTA 4

1) All cutscene archive"cutscenes.rpf" - (Storyline missions, random characters, and a show with Comedy club)
2) All dialogs and phrases from archive"scripted_speech.rpf" Is the story missions(outside cut-scenes), random characters, tours, sellers of weapons, clothing, food, leisure time with friends, girls, guards at entrances, strippers, as well as additional tasks like the delivery of drugs for Jacob , export of cars and racing for Brucie, assassinations and more!(except MPKP and MPKP2(this is something from multiplayer)
3) Advertising on radio, dispatch police, GPS Navigator!
4) news on radio(Weazel News) and weather!
5) Random phrase Niko Belik and all the main characters!
6) law Enforcement agencies and more!

In cutscenes the voice acting over the original!!!

The voice - voice monophonic(female voice changed a little) AMATEUR!! So don't expect something a masterpiece, it certainly does not compare with the original!!
Voiced by the subtitles(which is why some of the phrase accelerated)

There is GROSS profanity!!

Tested on version although on version also supposed to work!

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