1979 BMW M1 E26 for GTA San Andreas

1979 BMW M1 E26 for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 22 December 2014

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In the late 70 's, became widely spread race that BMW could not show good results on existing vehicles. Therefore, it was decided to develop a new, race car, the road looks.
the model chosen by the Italian Džoržetto Džužaro. By the time he created several representatives of Lamborghini, but since this company was declared insolvent debtor, soon left her. The main focus was to achieve
maximum aerodynamic efficiency with the designer did it rather well. Drag coefficient was 0.34. This car was originally planned as a competitor to the favourite of all races Porsche 935. He was in a group of 4.

BMW got very fast, dynamic car that did not look wildly on public roads. The front car was very narrow, but despite this, combined with very many attractive details.
For example, the grille was tilted almost to the bumper, around her were similar, Black mesh air ducts, which edges rested in the fog lights.
They were collected together with direction indicators, which, by the way, was not visible on the side.

Headlights open when turned on, and in the middle of the hood was placed a large air intake. In profile the car performed in the style of Lambo, but that is forgivable, because the designer they are one and the same.
The location of the engine emits virtually no trunk lid, because the roof is a very small length, because almost all of its length is a rear window that covers the engine.
Here is a very small glazing glazing area, Furthermore, they are all enclosed in a black border. The car stands on 16-inch wheels with profile in 55 mm 50 mm at the rear and at the front.
The front direction indicator Repeater is available on the "nose", in addition to its role in the turn indicator, rear lamp.
Behind the window you can see the power unit, which is surrounded by two massive pillars. It is noteworthy that the "company's" screw is placed off-center, and on the wing, two of them and not immediately noticeable. They are suited to the large rear lamps, divided into three sections.
In the bumper has a black box that holds the two exhaust pipes.
Since it's a racing car, the only two places that are surrounded by various devices. Plaque in front of the driver is a set of sensors scattered around the fence. Among them, the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge,
voltmeter and a couple of minor. Between them, in free space, chaotically, and warning lights are placed. All this allows to get information about the failure, as well as learn about the State of some of the systems of the car.
Visor shield stretches to the passenger, the shear on the central console. There he closes the air flow adjustment, as well as radio.
Seats are made with taking into account the dynamics of the car and a very good hold on the bends.
P.s. and it resembles the Delorean DMC 12
Author:  Mad Driver, EA Games, THQ, Ubisoft
Converter:  Mad Driver
Model to replace: Fortune
Make: BMW
This model contains custom settings for:
  • - vehicles
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • This is a rear wheel drive car
  • This model contains 2 extras.

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