Programms for GTA San Andreas

To help the players various programs are being developed. Programs for GTA San Andreas are different. They could be, for example, trainers - programs designed to change the data in the game while using it. For example, with Trainer you can change the weather in the game, get any weapon or a make appear any vehicle and many other useful things in the game.

It can also be a program to edit the various game settings, for instance, using the Handling ED, you can change any options for any vehicle, such as handling, or weight of the vehicle.

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.0

The first scanner that appeared in those days, when he developed the first asi Stiller. The next day after the appearance of Stiller I took to develop your intestellar for samp. The program is a kind of primitive anti-virus that detects malicious code fragments in the modding files. After downloading the program you will be able to check the files on Stiller.

In the scanner, it includes such modules as:
- signature engine YARA (thanks to the team of programmers Virustotal for such a powerful tool),
- scripting engine from Andreas Johnson (AngelScript), speed, ease of installation and the beauty of si similar scripts in the same project. Thanks to him we can open cryptory for CLEO quickly and skillfully.
emulator SCM code, able to unleash CLEO cryptory (from me)
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17 August 2016
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