AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04 for GTA San Andreas

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.0

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.0

The first scanner that appeared in those days, when he developed the first asi Stiller. The next day after the appearance of Stiller I took to develop your intestellar.

In the scanner, it includes such modules as:
- signature engine YARA (thanks to the team of programmers Virustotal for such a powerful tool),
- scripting engine from Andreas Johnson (AngelScript), speed, ease of installation and the beauty of si similar scripts in the same project. Thanks to him we can open cryptory for CLEO quickly and skillfully.
emulator SCM code, able to unleash CLEO cryptory (from me)

Program features:
- Very large customer base Steelers, which is replenished with about 2014. We have gathered no small part of malicious mods with several large and small sites.
- Ability to scan folders and files by drag and drop into the program window.
- Conclusion short information about the malware (the type the nickname of the developer and the bases Nicky distributors)
Scan asi, dll, cleo, sf, cs, and other potentially dangerous files.
- Detection of malicious code in files with a changed extension, for example, not so long ago it was the fashion to rename the Steelers in the txd files and load them into the game by means of loader.
- Unpacking cryptogenic CLEO scripts and follow-up scan (it should be noted that decryptit only known cryptory and those that came to us, but this fact is easy to fix, just write us a mail and send the file). Source for the last while scanning the unpacked script you can find in the temp file\decrypt.cs.
- Emulation of SCM code on the fly and decrypt script then check for malicious code. (When it detects malicious code, see dump temp\decrypt.cs)
- Friendly and intuitive interface of the program.
- High-speed scanning, when testing a large number of files.
- Built-in preview of the found file, in text and hex modes

A Particularly Important Point! To read all, so as not to ask stupid questions.
The scanner is intended only for testing game modifications unpacked from the archive form, in any other case it's useless!
Also, it is NOT intended for installers and autoinstallation, msi, exe packages,. pif,. mmbak, com, scr, vbs, bat, cmd, js, and other potentially dangerous files that are not found in-game mod for these files is anti-virus software!
Also it is NOT necessary to scan the whole system, it's useless and makes no sense. This scanner is tested on the mod and is only for mods. You can scan the game folder, but then you need to understand that the game has files that can access the Internet and be prepared for the fact that-be to see them in the scanner window.

I would like to warn you that this program will not protect your account 100%, like any other antivirus, or scanner. When you write on the cover of the antivirus is 100% protection - for me this is a signal to the removal of the antivirus program from disk. But this scanner is able to speed up the test is already known to the Steelers and will help you not to fall into the trap of inexperienced distributors.
The best antivirus is your head and the solution - to swing or not to swing. Download mods only from trusted sites and where watching the security archive.

The author is not responsible for your decisions and possible missing scanner the Steelers.

Some notation programs:

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Attention! Discovered a file that may install the Internet connection, you should think before you put it in the game. But it may be the AutoUpdate script.

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Found CLEO Stiller, the file was unzipped and you can look at the source.

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
The scanner tried to unpack the script, it might not have happened, or not found malicious code. See the source in the temp folder. Make sure that the file is not encrypted. Here you need to check the script by hand.

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Found CLEO Stiller in the clear.

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Found a file that pumps out malware on your computer

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Stiller is found from the infamous project

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Found protection, the file may pose a threat. Here you have to rely on the honesty and reputation of the author. Ask a question to the author why the file was encrypted(protected), and then think for yourself on the adequacy of the response. This file may be dangerous.

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
Perhaps the file is locked by another application, or a zero-size file

AVPGameProtect User Build 1.04
I do not advise to put into play such files. Here you can expect anything. Is joining multiple files into one. Among these files may be Stiller, or other malware. Do not trust the banknotes. To ensure the safety of gluing can only know the files and checking each file individually.

Please, download the program only from the official sources. It will be the safest option.
About all bugs write on mail or in this thread.

As a dynamic account protection we recommend using a special plugin from DarkP1xel.

This plugin blocks dangerous functions in scripts and other mods.
If you have installed this plugin in the game, then mods won't be able to send the web requests to third party servers, and that means that your password from sampa will not fall into the wrong hands, even if you accidentally set the Stiller game. Also, the plugin keeps a detailed log of all the suspicious events in the game. Important. The plugin is constantly updated, stay tuned.
p.s: don't forget to thank the author for the plugin ;)

Current base AVPGameProtect from 17.09.2018.
We have our finger on the pulse of those involved in distributing malware under the guise of modding files and if necessary update the program and database. It was developed for that plugin alerts about updates in version 1.04. But each of you must remember that there are no magic antivirus and antisatellites. No one except you will not be able to protect your data.

Thanks to everyone who helped us.
Special thanks Gedwadion, DarkP1xel. It's the tough guys who have a future in IT security.

smalloff - development, project support
andre500 - testing, project support
Websites (official sources):
Download the program: AVPGameProtect17092018.rar
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Published on 17 August 2016

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