Renault FT17 for GTA San Andreas

Renault FT17 for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 20 December 2012

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# Renaut FT17 Tank-one of the first tanks, participate in the first world war. Designed in France, he stood in service with France, Spain, the United States, Italy, Germany, Kajšistskogo of China and the Russian Empire. Prior to the February revolution was only a few domestic samples (the rest were imported from abroad), the provisional Government had established their issue, and this allowed the tanks to actively participate in the civil war. Later modification " m ", which is actually different from the prototype. Front Office was located, in the Center is a martial, aft-engine-transmission. The driver's seat and Commander-arrow forming the crew was provided a good overview of the area, besides the neprostrelivaemoe space in the direction of the tank forward was small. Hull and turret were wireframe, bulletproof. Armour plates of the front surfaces of the hull and turret are tilted under large angles to a vertical plane, which increased their protective characteristics, and are connected by rivets. In a frontal turret in the mask installed the sheet 37-mm tank gun with shoulder emphasis or 18 mm machine gun. Some cars had mixed (PD-šečno-gun). Unit of fire with cannon armament consisted of 250 unitary of artillery shells. Sensors were used as observation slit. External communication tools. The tank had a 4-cylinder gasoline automobile engine liquid cooled single-output 34 BHP, saying to go with speed up to 8.5 km/h. in case it was located longitudinally and was directed by lever towards the bow. Mechanical transmission consisted of a conical main clutch dry friction (steel leather), 4-speed gearbox and side friction clutches with band brakes (slewing) and 2-step airborne transmission. Rotation mechanisms enforce this manoeuvre with minimal RADIUS gauge machines (1.41 m). On their tactical and technical characteristics of tank m was not inferior to the prototype, and the top speed was superior to his roof and reservation. Were subsequently made another 14 such tanks, some of them have names: "Paris commune" and "Proletariat", "Storm", "Victory", "Red Warrior", "Ilya Muromets". The first Soviet tanks took part in the battles on the fronts of the civil war. At the very end of production machinery of the economic and technical challenges were dismissed. # TTH Renaut FT-17 Combat weight, t 7 Crew, pers. 2 Armor, mm: 8-22 hull 16 Rim Lobb 8 Tower 22 speed (on Highway), 8.5 km/h power reserve (on Highway), mile 60 Rise, deg. up to 38 trench 1.8 m height, mm, m, m fording 0.6 0.7 # powerplant Option Type Model number power, HP 1 to 4-cylinder, HAMO, inline, liquid cooled engine, 34 HP 34 # 1 Variant Type Armament caliber, mm Model # of Unit/1 Gun machine gun 1250 18 1 37 # additional information country France, Spain, the United States, Italy, Germany, Kajšistskij China and Russia Year adopting 1917
Author:  Serp Molotov
Author`s e-mail:
Model to replace: Monster
Make: Военная техника
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • It has all-wheel drive.

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