Western Star 49x (SFB-DC) for GTA San Andreas

Western Star 49x (SFB-DC) for GTA San Andreas
Western Star 49x (SFB-DC) for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 Western Star 49x (SFB-DC) for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 Western Star 49x (SFB-DC) for GTA San Andreas miniature 3
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Published on 9 April 2023

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High-quality Western Star 49x (SFB–DC) model with corrected settings from Makar S. (Makar_SmW86).
For proper operation, modifications require:
- Active Dashboard 3.2.1 Fixed (optional);
– CLEO 4.4.0 (or higher);
– GFXHack 1.12;
– HQLM 2.2 (SA-MP);
– Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1;
– ModdedSAA (for SA-MP);
– VehFuncs v2.3.
Fixes from Makar S. (Makar_SmW86):
– Fixed collapse;
– Fixed the clearance. Now the wheel hubs are on the same level with the wheels and are paired with them;
– Fixed colors. Now the truck has factory body colors.
– HQ Model;
– HQ Textures;
– Realistic colors;
– Realistic settings;
– Adaptation to "Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1": Working turn signals, fog lights, high and low beam headlights, steering wheel and parking lights;
– Adaptation to "VehFuncs v2.3": Working driveshaft, different wheels, flags and other signs warning about the transportation of bulky cargo, various mudguards;
– Adaptation to "Active Dashboard 3.2.1 Fixed": Working steering wheel, dashboard, wipers and other elements;
– Adaptation to "GFXHack 1.12": Chrome elements;
– Adaptation to "HQLM 2.2 (SA-MP)": HQ Optics.
Author:  SCS Software, Makar S. (Makar_SmW86)
Converter:  gonzalezvla
Tag: Trucks
Model to replace: Petrol
Make: Western Star
  • Not known exactly where the steering wheel in the vehicle. Maybe he is in the middle.
  • It has all-wheel drive.
Moderators: AndreiKopishev

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