Teleport for GTA San Andreas

Teleport for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 20 April 2013

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Using this script is able to teleport to the Sites that you previously saved. In fact, it's simple. Many probably watched the movie " " Teleport. Here is a similar principle.
Push press X " " and " (G) " (Russian keyboard letters " h " " p " and that means-a location or save checkpoint) at the point where you want to teleport, then move to any location and click " N " key and " (G) " (Russian keyboard-" t " p " and ", which meansas you may have guessed-teleport) and here you are teleporting except such situations to the point where continued. At any time, you can create a new one, where Cj will teleport.

In General, everything is quite simple and helpful. Of course, when a player in your car or died, the commands will not work. And of course each teleportation is accompanied by a beautiful effect. By the way, there is also a programme-teleport, but to use it is very uncomfortable ... Fall every time collapse game, save the coordinates, giving them a name, and to teleport, you want to make virtually the same operation. So the script to use much more convenient.
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