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Scale models for GTA San Andreas

Scale models for GTA San Andreas
 Масштабные модели for GTA San Andreas miniature 1  Масштабные модели for GTA San Andreas miniature 2  Масштабные модели for GTA San Andreas miniature 3  Масштабные модели for GTA San Andreas miniature 4  Масштабные модели for GTA San Andreas miniature 5  Масштабные модели for GTA San Andreas miniature 6
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Published on 25 September 2014

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On the counter in the shop RC models will now be scale models of many game models of transport and a scale model of a guard with a gun. Model railway vehicles are made in smaller scale (a model of the bike more) than the rest of the transport. Scale model of the guard meets the scale model vehicles. Each time you visit the RC models you will find on our new scale models of vehicles and security guard. If you start shooting at the store or just aim, the guard to open fire in response. In addition to the model of the guard, in the second version of the script added many new things. You can display the model name; change the color model (color varies according to the record in the file carcols.dat); install the vinyl (colouring work); turn on the model of the engine; turn the lights; turn the siren on special transport; set the tuning parts (according to the record in the file carmods.dat); Open the model doors, hood, trunk; the bus models adapted to script "the doors of the buses" can open the door; on models, you can raise the OEM components dumper truck-body style, the packer (parking)-pad, the dozer (Dozer)-bucket; transport in the driver's seat, you can put a massive replica of CJ or other characters; on the passenger seat, you can put a large-scale transport model of the character (in this case, if a transport is simple, the player characters will be random if the model will be of special vehicles, the driver and passenger are models of specaktërov, for example, on the model of an ambulance driver and passenger will be doctors, etc.); You can change the scale of the model (except railway transport models and models of bike), the scale of the security guard, driver and passenger, respectively, also changes; There is a possibility to change the model of a scale model (cost of 7000 $); You can display the menu with the keyboard shortcut support for each activity (do not fit only for three actions, their need to remember); the script source code attached.


Y-menu *
N-output model name
(H)-enable/disable the siren
K-enable/disable engine
L-switch on/off headlights
T-raise/lower speckomponent
P-open/close the doors of the bus
M-scale model
F (key entry in the Auto)-C.J. driver
J + I-change the color model
U + I-install vinyl
1 + 2-open/close the hood
1 + 3-open/close trunk
1 + 4-open/close the left front door
1 + 5-open/close right front door
1 + 6-open/close the left rear door
1 + 7-open/close right rear door
0 + 9-set detail tuning *
0 + 8-install tuning-wheels *
0 +-delete tuning *
Delete-change of scale model
+ 9 + 0 +-return to the previous
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