TARAN V5 for GTA San Andreas

TARAN V5 for GTA San Andreas
TARAN V5 for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 TARAN V5 for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 TARAN V5 for GTA San Andreas miniature 3
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Published on 23 March 2016

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Allows you to "kick" your transport transport players or the players themselves.
Added new features and minor fixes.
MOD contains 7 separate scripts for fast performance.
Script Description:
TaranC.cs-front Taran. Is activated when you press the W + X.
TaranX.cs-rear ramming. Activated on W + C (I recommend the game set up a convenient button to view the back).
TaranA.cs-anti-battering ram, to protect from the ramming. Secures your transport (or player) on the spot. Turns on and off when you press F3.
TaranT.cs-slow time. Need to kick around at any distances. Button for switching on and off-Page Down.
TaranAIM.cs-creates a sight. Button to enable or disable Alt + X.
Taran [GC] cs-keeps vehicles on Earth during acceleration back. During the ramming machine can fly up, this script during takeoff transport transportation returns to Earth.
Taran [GX]-same as GC, but this will return to Earth during acceleration forward.
Note. Works only on SAMP'e, can be used at both the DM/Freeoram servers and "NuboRP" on the more famous projects may be banned.
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