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Achievements and trophies for GTA San Andreas

Achievements and trophies for GTA San Andreas
Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 4 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 5 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 6 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 7 Достижения и трофеи for GTA San Andreas miniature 8
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Published on 18 January 2020

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I present to you the achievements system straight from the consoles! With this modification to you in the game back all 34 (why 34 and not 33, will explain later) achievements!

Take place they will need as well as on consoles. Anyway, I tried to do this modification as similar to a prototype of the console. However, some differences (mostly small ones) are still there, one of them is the redesigned notification of achievement (on consoles used the branding and logo of Xbox and PlayStation respectively, the achievement system was connected with them, on the same PC there is no such).

Returned all 34 achievements. In fact, each version of the game of 33, but on Xbox 360 there is an achievement Trickster, and on the PlayStation in its place there is the achievement The Key to San Andreas. This modification allows you to go through and get them both (though they have some of the needed icons), and so they became 34.

Copy here the list of accomplishments, I think, does not make sense, because all information about them you can find on this or this page. Let me remind you, this modification transfers them to the PC exactly the same. However, if I did, you can write, and I'll fix it

To open a window with achievements, you need to hold down Tab (action key by default) and then CapsLock (the key can not be reassigned). When you press the Tab key on the window with all statistics, there will be another window of opportunity to enter the achievements menu. So you can only do that if you do not drive any vehicle (at the time of the appearance of this window for achievement system is not updated and may not give you achievements, and will resume its work as soon as the player removes the finger from the Tab key or go to any vehicle; however, such cases are very rare). There was a big window you can see which achievements you have already opened, which are not, and how to open them (how to open secret achievements, of course, doesn't say). The table - movement keys. Spacebar (in General, traditional management) will open icon the open achievements in full screen (so you can enjoy its beauty and to raise their self-esteem), Enter - back or close the window.

For those who can not do without question so why this modification is needed?, I will say that all achievements will give you 1,000,000$ to (sort of bonuses on the consoles). Also, the implementation of each achievement will give you a small monetary reward equal to the number of points given for this achievement on consoles (the color names are also uses color cups - bronze, silver, gold, platinum). The award can be viewed in a window with achievements, in the left side.

As a small bonus to the quick passage, I would say that also this game is completed before the notice appears, on its implementation, which will allow you, for example, quickly and without emotion to persist and go play again.

Nevertheless, if you run this modification on an already completed game, most of the achievements already made will be (a smaller portion (a dozen of different achievements) still have to do yourself, but if you already passed the mission End of the Line, then you will never be able to get this achievement, because it is obtained during the passage of the mission (only if you have not installed the mod in the ability to start any mission), but if you have already purchased all of the property, you will not be able to achieve The American Dream, because it is activated when the player buys the house), so this modification will be appropriate to start a new game. Progress for each save, of course, your.

Texts translated into Russian. Everything is named exactly as it was on consoles.

Download and enjoy a list of what you can do in the game! I tried.

It is not critical: adds a couple of sounds when interacting with the achievements menu.
- Added support for normal movement keys, you navigate through a menu of the usual movement keys (default W, S, A, D). Support for the old arrow keys saved.
Author:  TrushinVlad
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