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The great bank robbery "Atrium" for GTA San Andreas

The great bank robbery
 Великое ограбление банка  Великое ограбление банка  Великое ограбление банка  Великое ограбление банка
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Published on 21 July 2015

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In this mission will have to play on a plot for 3 players!
Chief Robber-Adriano
His best friend Antonio
Army Maj.-Gen. Gates

An excellent plot, atmosphere, by the way. My 1missiâ DYOM!
Judge strictly, I will correct!
But I think you'll like it! I have studied through DYOM.
Already did the mod 2 days! So rate my work:)

Attention! If you want to know the plot of the mission, do not read what will be below!

1DYOM-meeting with Antonio
3DYOM-friend Antonio
4DYOM-start the great robbery!
5DYOM-Chase! (Hardcore no, because machine GodMode!)
6DYOM-Gen. Gates assassinates Chief character! For robbery!
7DYOM-Funeral ch. character (play for his friend)
8DYOM-the choice is yours! Suicide ' friends forever ' or not ' a traitor '

P.s: For work will require no 8.1 DYOM rusifikatora, CLEO 4
P.s: author of I, I do not publish modifications other;)

To start the mission select new game, then Mission Editor (Design your own mission). After downloading the game press Y, a menu appears, select Mission Menu, and then click Load Mission and select a mission from the list.
Author:  LonneyStep
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