MI-8 for GTA San Andreas

MI-8 for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 7 January 2013

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MI-8 (NATO classification-Hip) is a Soviet multi-purpose helicopter, designed by m. l. Mil first 1960 's. Is the massive twin engine helicopter in the world, and is part of the spisoksamyh mass of helicopters in aviation history. Widely used to perform a variety of civilian and military missions. the first prototype v-8 took off July 9, 1961; the second prototype v-8A-September 17, 1962 Goda. After râdadorabotok MI-8 entered service in 1967, the Soviet air force. The MI-8 is used in more than 50 countries, including India, China and Iran. Upgraded helicopter Mi-8, which culminated in 1980, led to the creation of a streamlined version of the ètojmašiny-MI-8MT (by deliveries for export-MI-17), which features more heavy weaponry. MI-17 nestol′ routine, used in about 20 countries. in 1991, the production of a new modification of the MI-8amt (export version is called MI-171). The modifikaciâorientirovana on civil/transport application.
Author:  Semislav
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Model to replace: Maverick
This model contains custom settings for:
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