New Dubai mod

New Dubai mod
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Published on 11 August 2013

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Texture mod that turns Las Venturas in Dubai!

Added buildings of Dubai and the highest construction of other cities in the world!
"Burj Dubai" (Burj Khalifa) the tallest building in the world-828 metres
Replaces "Visage".
"The Abraj Al Bait" (the Royal clock tower) the second-tallest building in the world from the city of Mecca, a 601 metre.
Replaces "Caligula's casino".
"Taipei 101 (Taipei 101) the tallest building in China-520 meters.
Replaces Casino "4 Dragon".
"Princess Tower" (Princess Tower) the tallest building in the world (Dubai)-414 yards.
Replaces the residential house.
"Burj Al Arab" (Burj al Arab) 7 star hotel (Dubai)-350 meters.
Replaces the lighthouse on the beach of Los Santos.
"Singapore Flyer (Singapore Flyer) is the largest Ferris wheel in the world (Singapore)-165 metres.
Added to the Casino with Sphinx.
"Hong Kong Bank Tower" (International Bank of Hong Kong) the tallest building in Hong Kong-450 meters.
Replaces the "Flamingo"
The Address Downtown Burj Dubai "(Url) (Dubai)-305 meters.
Replaces Casino "Pirates Men Pant's".
"The Emirates Towers, Dubai hotel.
Replaces the residential house.
"KotaBNI" hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Replaces the residential house.
Cable-stayed bridge in Los Santos from Las Venturasa.
Replaces a normal overpass.
"Bank Of China" (Bank of China Tower) futurističnoe building from Hong Kong.
Replaces it.
"Fairmont Dubai" Dubai hotel.
Replaces "Planning Department".
Several new skyscrapers.
Replace the homes.
Author:  Jeka

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