Codes (cheats) for GTA San Andreas. All codes for cars, money, weapons for GTA San Andreas

To activate cheat codes for GTA San Andreas must be typed directly during the game. The game can be paused by pressing the ESCAPE key on the keyboard and calmly enter the code.

Introducing codes for GTA San Andreas please note that if at the time of entering the code, CJ drives a car:
- when you enter the game code contains the letter "F", it just jumps out of the car;
- you enter the code "CPKTNWT - blow all cars", then your hero will fly in the air with the car.

Below is the full list of codes for San Andreas:

Codes for weapons, health, armor and money

LXGIWYL = Weapon 1, for fans

KJKSZPJ, PROFESSIONALSKIT = Weapon 2, for professionals

UZUMYMW = Weapon 3, for crazies

HESOYAM = full health, armor and $250,000

BAGUVIX = CJ her immortal = Semi-Infinite Health

CVWKXAM = Unlimited turbo


FULLCLIP, WANRLTW = Unlimited ammo without reloads

Codes on skins, the attention of the police, status

OSRBLHH, TURNUPTHEHEAT = Increase crime rates 2 stars

ASNAEB, TURNDOWNTHEHEAT = Clear the level of crime

AEZAKMI = CJ her never get caught

LJSPQK, BRINGITON = All stars = Six Star Wanted Level

BTCDBCB = fat CJ her

BUFFMEUP = CJ her Jock

KVGYZQK = skinny CJ her

OGXSDAG, WORSHIPME = max CJ her respect

EHIBXQS, HELLOLADIES = CJ she is the most sexy

VKYPQCF = Max Stamina

NCSGDAG, PROFESSIONALKILLER = CJ her maximum level of proficiency in all weapons

VQIMAHA, NATURALTALENT = CJ her maximum level of control over the transport

Codes on machine

AIWPRTON - tank Rhino

код на танк Rhino GTA San Andreas

CQZIJMB - Bloodring Banger

код на Bloodring Banger GTA San Andreas

PDNEJOH - towtruck 73

код на Hotring Racer 73 GTA San Andreas

VPJTQWV - rumpo 07

код на Hotring Racer 07 GTA San Andreas


код на Romero GTA San Andreas

KRIJEBR - Stretch

код на Stretch GTA San Andreas

UBHYZHQ - Moonbeam

код на Trashmaster GTA San Andreas

RZHSUEW - Golf car Caddy

код на гольфкар Caddy GTA San Andreas

AKJJYGLC - Quadbike

код на Quadbike GTA San Andreas

AMOMHRER - Tanker Truck

код на Tanker Truck GTA San Andreas


код на Dozer GTA San Andreas

AGBDLCID - Monster

код на Monster GTA San Andreas


Codes for aircraft

JUMPJET - Hydra plane

код на самолет Hydra GTA San Andreas

OHDUDE - helicopter Hunter

код на вертолет Hunter GTA San Andreas

URKQSRK - Stunt Plane

код на Stunt Plane GTA San Andreas


Codes on water transport in San Andreas

KGGGDKP - Vortex Hovercraft

код на Vortex Hovercraft GTA San Andreas

JQNTDMH = Rancher is presented

AFZLLQLL = Sunny weather

ICIKPYH = Very Sunny weather

ALNSFMZO = overcast weather

AUIFRVQS = Rainy weather

CFVFGMJ = Foggy weather

YSOHNUL = Faster clock

PPGWJHT = Faster game

LIYOAAY = Slower game

AJLOJYQY = People beat each other Golf clubs

BAGOWPG = Have a bounty on your head

FOOOXFT = Everyone is armed

CPKTNWT = Blow up all cars

XICWMD = invisible car

PGGOMOY = perfect handling

SZCMAWO = Suicide

ZEIIVG = traffic Lights are always green

YLTEICZ = Agresive drivers

LLQPFBN = Pink traffic

IOWDLAC = Black traffic

AFSNMSMW = Flying boat

ASBHGRB = Elvis is everywhere

BGLUAWML = People attacking you with weapons.

CIKGCGX = beach Party

MROEMZH = gang Members everywhere

BIFBUZZ = control of the streets


BEKKNQV = Girls... ;)

BGKGTJH = In the streets of SA only cheap cars

GUSNHDE = In the streets of SA only expensive cars

RIPAZHA = Flying cars

JHJOECW = Huge Bunny Hop

JCNRUAD = Smash n' Boom

COXEFGU = All cars have NITRO.

BSXSGGC = Cars fly off in a collision

XJVSNAJ = Midnight

OFVIAC = Orange sky 21:00

MGHXYRM = Thunderstorm


LFGMHAL = Mega jump

AIYPWZQP = you HAVE Parachute

YECGAA = HAVE Jetpack you

IAVENJQ = Mega punch

AEDUWNV = You don't know the word "hunger"

IOJUFZN = Riot mode

PRIEBJ = Funhouse Theme

OUIQDMW = Full weapon aiming in the car.

THGLOJ = Reduced traffic

FVTMNBZ = All the cars from the countryside

SJMAHPE = Recruit anyone (9mm)

BMTPWHR = All cars and people from rural areas

ZSOXFSQ = Recruit anyone (Rockets)

VKYPQCF = Taxis nitro, acquires

AGRUXVHIQYH - poison glamor in San Andreas, now all the cars pink!

AGRUJRYMNOL - was sad, want mourning? Now all the cars are black.

BUBBLECARS - at the slightest touch your car other cars lose weight.

NIGHTPROWLER - turn on the endless night over the state to mourn.

CRAZYTOWN - all are psychos.

NATURALTALENT - all your skills are pumped up to maximum settings.

Tips for using codes in the game:

Still, we recommend that you do not get too carried away codes as you progress through the game. Try to take the game and maintained without codes. It is only in this case, having the game entirely, you can proudly say that you are a true player who is not afraid to meet with the realities of the gameplay alone.

But if you decide just to have fun and uploaded your favorite store only to a few button presses to get a coveted set of weapons and rush into battle conquering territory from the Ballas, then these cheat codes you.

Also it is often nice just to fly on a plane across the vast state in good weather, but Murphy's law as evil in the game the rain or in the sky high cloud. But no worries, because there is a code for Sunny weather - AFZLLQLL, which will fly your fighter Hydra in clear sight or try on a huge cargo Andromada maneuver between skyscrapers.

Killed all the neighboring gangs and bored? Do not hang your nose and just type - BGLUAWML. This code will set all of you, surrounding pedestrians and just you evil, they will be armed to the teeth. Believe me, a rabid crowd of ordinary people will be much more dangerous than the gang of 5 persons.

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Published on 24 August 2018

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