CLEO 4.3.20 for GTA San Andreas

CLEO 4.3.20 for GTA San Andreas
CLEO 4.3.20 for GTA San Andreas miniature 1
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Published on 12 April 2016

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CLEO v 4.3.20 for GTA San Andreas. This is the latest version of CLEO at the moment-02.05.2015. Release the new version 4.3.20 21.04.2015 took CLEO.

Recent changes in the new version 4.3.19-20:
-Fixed problem with variable 0AB1 which incorrectly defined in missions;
-Updated version of the SDK.

CLEO v 4.3.20 adds game 100 new scripting commands that allow you to work with external files, modify the data in the memory game, calling exe functions with their parameters and much more.

The new version introduces new commands for working with sounds, strings, adds the ability to display text without using external files (gxt, .GXT).

If you are using CLEO in the game, you can add new scripts written in Sanny Builder or another editor scripts, without the need to start a new game. All that is required to add this script to the game is to place it in the folder of CLEO. Script will begin work after the start of the game. To remove the script from the game-delete the file.
Author:  Seemann, Alien, Deji
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