SAMPFUNCS v. 5.4.1. Final for GTA San Andreas

SAMPFUNCS v. 5.4.1. Final for GTA San Andreas
SAMPFUNCS v. 5.4.1. Final for GTA San Andreas miniature 1
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Published on 8 May 2019

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SAMPFUNCS is an addition to the library of CLEO 4 widening opportunities globally, scripters. Its main purpose is to help implement various tasks in modding games “GTA San Andreas”, although greater emphasis is, of course, simplify and empowerment in writing cheats for a multiplayer modification “San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP)”.

There is nothing new, and the main and, in fact, the only reason for this patch is the processing of all hooks SAMPFUNCS first incompatible with other hooks in the same places. Basically this will allow other mod that uses a similar DRIVE technique (especially his peers), place the hooks in the same places without conflict with SAMPFUNCS. In addition, the cut check for updates, and statistics collection, fixed some bugs, slightly tidied SF API and retuned a template SF-plugin.
All changes are thoroughly tested, including potentially conflicting with a popular mod and should not cause new problems.

All changes:
Converted all hooks for compatibility with other mods hooks;
Cut all the Steelers, Trojans, and miners, along with the removed update checking, statistics gathering and packaging;
Function to run multiple processes of the game (multiprocess) is disabled by default and fixed for compatibility with the mod Silent Patch;
Opcodes 0B48 and 0B49 now working with styles DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST and DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS;
Optimized opcode 0AFF, use old code, which has created a significant workload with multiple call;
Disabled the default handler for unhandled exceptions;
In some cases, colback "game destructor" called twice in SF and plug-ins;
Fixed compile error SF API " is deprecated and will be REMOVED. ...";
Set in order "inkluda" SF API and project settings SF plugin;
Small changes to text and minor optimization in some places.
Answers to probable questions:
Compatible only with SA-MP 0.3.7-R1, support for other versions of SA-MP will not.
The file size is three times more due to the lack of packing that was used in previous versions.
Updates, of course, is no more. Open source also.
Author:  FYP
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