Collection of necessary CLEO for GTA San Andreas

Collection of necessary CLEO for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 29 January 2016

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Hello! I collected those scripts that I have in the game. They help me to easily publish your mods. For example, you can zaspavnit′ a wheelbarrow, and immediately zaskrinit′, and raise its wheels if they are in the ground. If you don't like the place, you can teleportnutsâ anywhere! Change weather, clothing, weapon of choice! A lot of the most needed CLEO scripts!

And now how they work:

Amazing Screenshot-management:
ALT + V-on/off mode screenshots
V-change camera, mouse movements is controlled by the camera
Tab on/off widescreen
Lctrl-slow speed camera
Page Up/Page Down-raise/lower the camera

Time Fix-control:
By pressing the + (=), or underscore (_)-will change the time of day or night.

Spauner machines-Office:
7 key and a menu will appear with the choice of machines and just swipe to the right or to the left and choose the car.

Wheels Corrector-management:
Ctrl + PgUp-lift wheels
Ctrl + PgDn-lower rims.

Teleport to marker-Office:
Y and X and can be teleportnutsâ in any place marked on a map marker.

New time-management:
To enable and disable the slowdown, then Yo (~)

A change of clothes, tattoos and hairstyles-management:
3 key and a menu will appear with the choice of clothes hairstyles etc.

Weapons Menu-control:
2 key and displays the menu with a choice of weapons.

And finally Memory2048 it gives the game, use more memory. Removes the disappearance and flickering textures, game loads and runs faster.

Attention! so they have you worked, you must have installed the CLEO 4. Many thanks to the author! Well all the guys yet! ...

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