90's Vladivostok FM for GTA San Andreas

90's Vladivostok FM for GTA San Andreas
90s Vladivostok FM for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 90s Vladivostok FM for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 90s Vladivostok FM for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 90s Vladivostok FM for GTA San Andreas miniature 4
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Published on 10 August 2018

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We all know that the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. more precisely, 26 Dec. In the end, after the destruction of the Iron curtain, many citizens of the former Soviet Union emigrated to the United States. However, the topic of immigrants from Eastern Europe and, subsequently, the CIS countries was very much affected in GTA IV, however, we should not forget that the San Andreas is the Russian-speaking population. Or you can do it, in the end, the Russian mafia. So I came up with the idea to make it a favorite among many fans of the series GTA, the Russian-speaking radio station "Vladivostok FM" matching the time period in the game.
Yes, here you will hear modern pop music, new school hip-hop music and other modern genres and sub-genres. This station will play classic Patriotic rock music of the 80-ies and 90-ies and, for a change, some tracks foreign electronic music of the 90s. In my opinion, everything is perfectly combined.

- To install modification you need to the licensed version of the game, with a full, uncut Audio folder. Otherwise the mod will not work.
- Before installing a modification it is recommended to set the localization of the Smarter Localization (2.0) or play in English (other not tested).

- High quality tracks (320 kb/s).
Just added 25 tracks, however, replaced all the audio files of the radio "K-DST", including a replica of the DJS.
- Replaced the name of the radio station "Vladivostok FM".
- Custom, high-quality HD icon in the style of SA (includes standard and HD icons).

Song list (in order going 2 times, then the location was changed by me):
1. Kino — STUK
2. Gaza — Lirika
3. Bi-2 — Colonel no one writes
4. Semantic hallucinations — Forever young
5. Kino — Calm night
6. Gaza — Fog
7. Kino — blood type
8. The king and the Clown — a Reflection
9. The Gaza strip — 30 years
10.Kino — Pack of cigarettes
11. The Prodigy — Diesel Power
12. Liberty — Melody In Motion (New Mental mix)
13. Fatboy Slim — Right Here, Right Now
14. The king and the Clown — Give the people rum!
15. Movie — Changes
16. Pilot — Crazy
17. Aria — Careless Angel
18. Kino — Star named Sun
19. Aphex Twin — Ageispolis
20. The Prodigy — Breathe
21. Aphex Twin — Xtal
22. Kino — In our eyes
23. Movie — the last hero
24. Linda — Vorona
25. The king and the Clown — Forester

Well, that's all. Enjoy the game!
Author:  Makar Smotrakov
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