Real Vehicles Sounds for GTA San Andreas

Real Vehicles Sounds for GTA San Andreas
Real Vehicles Sounds for GTA San Andreas miniature 1
Real Vehicles Sounds for GTA San Andreas video 1
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Published on 27 June 2020

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So this is my pack realistic vehicle sounds from GTA V, IV and racing games like Forza, etc.
I tried to make these sounds pleasing to your ears) Replaces the sounds of cars, motorcycles, helicopters.
Also included my mod of the sound of tires GTA V and GTA 5 sounds of sirens.

List of models with the changed sounds:
Euros, Elegy, ZR-350, Uranium, Cadrona, bravura, Merit, Mesa,
Nebula, Previon, Primo, The Solaire, Cargobob, Hunter, Leviathan, Raindance,
Hotring1, Hotring2, Infernus, Buffalo, Alpha, Wayfarer, HPV-1000, Sabre, Savanna, Voodoo, Clover, Blade, Buccaneer, Stallion
Maverick, news Chopper, police Maverick, Blista Compact, Club, Jester, Esperanto, Feltzer, Flash, majestic, Tahoma, FCR900, Bandito,
Phoenix, Windsor,
Hotring B, Admiral, Elegant, Emperor, Premier, Sentinel, Stafford, stratum, Stretch, Sultan, Taxi, Police (LS), Police (LV), Police (SF),
FBI rancher, HUNTLEY, Landstalker, Patriot, rancher, Ranger, Sandking, Super GT, Cheetah, Comet, Turismo, Banshee, Bobcat, Greenwood,
Manana, Moonbeam, Perennial, Regina, Romero, Sadler, Tampa, Virgo, Washington
Yosemite, Kèbbi, Fortune, Intruder, Picador, Sunrise, Vincent, Willard,
Bullet, Glendale, Ocean, Tornado, Freeway, Hermes, Remington, Broadway.

Credits: Sekira, Hubavo.
Author:  HuyBravo, Sekiro
This mod required:
Moderators: Vone

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