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The new system of checking modifications. Release!

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

Hooray! Update! For many months we have worked hard to introduce you to a completely redesigned system of moderation mods. Update appears online on September 30 and so far has been in the status of "beta." Now we have fixed many bugs and now the long-awaited release!

So, the changes undergone a great deal: the interface has changed a moderator, page "My mods", the rules add mods, the size of awards for publication and verification of mods, and much more. Everything in order.

1. Now all of the moderators of the same level!

First of all it was decided to give up various levels for experienced and inexperienced moderators. Now all the moderators are equal, and the quality inspection is achieved in that each mod should check at least 5 moderators. This makes it easy to increase the staff of auditors and greatly accelerate the verification of mods.

2. Every modification is now necessarily checked for safety!

We have introduced a new position for the professionals who are engaged in the analysis of potentially dangerous files and are not allowed on any site infection. Only after checking the safety of mod, he will move to the next stage of testing.

3. The interface of the page "My mods"

We have a complete redesign of the page, trying to make it as comfortable as possible and informative. Now all you have added modifications are divided into three tabs: "Unpublished", "published" and "moderation".

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

On the "unpublished" you can edit your mod as earlier, preparing them for publication on the site. It is worth noting that now before sending mod for moderation, you will immediately see the reward received immediately after the test mod by moderators. Mod estimated as follows: for the mere fact of publication mod online you are already receiving at least 2 /. Even one star for each completed item from this list: "Description", "author", "Video". If mod is filled and a description and information about authors and added video demo, such a publication is considered to be ideal and you get another bonus3 /! Thus you will get from 2 to 8 stars. Also, for some games there is a special bonus, which I will discuss below.

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

The second tab "Publish" you can watch the statistics for all modes that you have published on the site. It displays the number of views and downloads of your modifications, as well as the number of comments and the current rating of mods.

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

On the "moderation" you can see all the mods that are currently waiting to be approved. Modification must be tested for safety as well as 5 inspections for proper clearance. Next to each modification of the current test phase is shown as icons. When all the icons become green your modification will be published.

Also now it is possible to remove mods with moderation if you suddenly want something to fix it, or decided not to publish it. This can be done until at least one moderator has not checked your modifications.

4. Game bonus

When you add mods to some games now you'll get extra stars. For example, for each mod for GTA 5 can receive further 3 /. The current list of bonuses for games you can find out a spoiler here:

5. Changes in the position of "Journalist"

Journalists no longer publish mod without checks, as it was before. Their mod is still checked for safety and design, but journalists mod published the first of others, because they have a higher priority and the moderator can not check mod other users until it checks all the journalists mods. The panel moderator, it looks like this:

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

To be a journalist simply does not make mistakes when you add mods. After you have published your mods 10 consecutive error-free, you will automatically receive the position of the journalist! But be careful - if you start to make mistakes again, then you will lose this position.

6. The page "Moderation" has been changed

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

The design of the page in order to make it as convenient. Also it changed the principle of verification. To test the modification no longer need it "lock" on the other moderators. Now a few moderators can simultaneously check the same mod. This has been achieved by the fact that now the moderators can not and should not be self-correcting errors in scanned modes. Moderators now - just check out what events does not violate the rules of addition. By the way about the rules ...

7. Rules of adding mods

We finally put together a complete list of requirements to published mods. Now moderation is enough to choose one or more items of the rules that have been violated by the user, instead of writing each time the cause of rejection again. Moreover the user will see broken items in the language in which he looks at the site. It also means that if your publication does not violate any of the points of these rules, you can be assured that events will be successfully published on the site.

8. Added a check mode into a modeditor

The new system of checking modifications. Release!

Moderators now check events using the new editor mode. In this mode, the editor displays all modules on a single page (even the screenshots and video). Next to each field you must return a verdict: this is true decorated box or a violation of the rules. If there are any violations, the moderator should just select the item or items from the list of rules. After checking each fields of mod moderation is completed.

9. New position "Candidate for moderators"

For those who want to try their strength and become a moderator, we added a new position of "Candidate moderators." Customers who have this position have access to a system of moderation and can also check mod. The result of their test is compared with the results of the actions of moderators, and on a separate page, they can see whether they have checked events or made mistakes when checking (for example, not found in mod mistakes, when in fact he did not have to go through moderation). To become a full moderator must be properly and error check 10 consecutive modifications.

10. Moderators mistakes

We are all human and we can all make mistakes. In the new system of moderation, we tried to make the moderators learned from their mistakes. So now, if one makes a mistake, and a moderator will not find any violations in vogue, and the other after it finds them, the first moderator know what mistakes he made, and maybe next time will be more careful and not allow them. It looks like this:

The new system of checking modifications. Release!
The new system of checking modifications. Release!

By the way, if a moderator is often wrong, it can be automatically downgraded to "Candidate moderators." It will happen when it will have more than 5 errors in the past 10 checked mods.

It all changes, friends! We tried very hard for you and your convenience! Personally, we like it as it is now is the process of checking and publication of mods and we are confident that now the site will cover an entire avalanche of new mods! We will try to be ready for it, and, by the way, very soon we will have a set of moderators! Follow the news!

P.S. Currently all major update errors have been corrected and the system is stable, but if you find any bugs, please write about it in the comments - we will fix it! I would also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who wrote to us about bugs during the beta release of an update. To us it is definitely very helpful!

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Published on 22 October 2015

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