SkyUI 5.0 for TES V: Skyrim

SkyUI 5.0 for TES V: Skyrim
SkyUI 5.0 for TES V: Skyrim miniature 1 SkyUI 5.0 for TES V: Skyrim miniature 2 SkyUI 5.0 for TES V: Skyrim miniature 3 SkyUI 5.0 for TES V: Skyrim miniature 4
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Published on 17 August 2015

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Tired of these menus, sharpened under Console players? Then you can help SkyUI is a great MOD to improve the interface of Skyrim and simplify its use by players on the PC.
From now on you will be much easier to interact with it using the mouse and keyboard, also changed the overall look of the interface, making it more informative, neat, and simply beautiful. MOD is configured from the settings menu, which is available when you press ESC.

Requirements: Skyrim 1.9.32, SkSE 1.7.3

Updated in version 5.0:
[Main] Updated version requirement SKSE before 1.7.3.
[Main] Improved various icons.
[The Favorites menu] Fixed problem when equipping two subjects identical armor base, but with different names
[The Favorites menu] Less persevering data cleaning invalid groups to avoid the dumping of unwanted groups.
[Alchemy crafting menu Menu menu menu enchants forges] first release.
[Mods configuration menu] corrected: registration time mods.

Translated: YAVIND
Author:  SkyUI Team
Author`s site:
  • Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification - 1.7.

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