Psi Blades for TES V: Skyrim

Psi Blades for TES V: Skyrim
Psi Blades for TES V: Skyrim miniature 1 Psi Blades for TES V: Skyrim miniature 2 Psi Blades for TES V: Skyrim miniature 3
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Published on 17 August 2014

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Everything is crafted at the forge, you will need to craft the spellbooks (yes, at the forge, yes i know that makes no sense) to teach you the spells, there are three in all, a left blade spell, a right blade spell, and a master blade spell.

After that you need to craft the gauntlets, if you are not wearing the focus gauntlets, the spells will fizzle.

There are light and heavy versions of the dual gauntlets, and the master gauntlet, the master blade will not work with the dual gauntlets, but the right normal blade spell will work with the master gauntlet

All the gauntlets are crafted at the forge as well, and they can be improved like any other piece of armor (although i do not know if you can enchant them. or if you cant enchant them, i am not certain that it wont crash the game.

The spells themselves work similarly to the bound weapon spells, stats are a little shifted around, but the swords pull from the same perks that bound weapons do, if you get a perk that would upgrade a bound weapon, the psiblades will get that upgrade as well (including the damage increase from mystic binding)
Author:  Gwyvern
  • Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification - 1.7.

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