Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas

Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas
Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas miniature 4 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 for GTA San Andreas miniature 5
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Published on 18 December 2012

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The company planned to sell about 2500 copies in the first year of the launch of the model, but implemented all 45000. Pontiac GTO 1964, is a machine that gave birth to the Muscle Car, as a class, and Plymouth Road Runner 1968-go is a restored car manufacturers to basics class. Due to the success of the model in the inaugural year, in 1969, Plymouth decided to give the buyer more choices: to the Coupe and the convertible was added hardtopu, Sport bucket seats became available. Images of birds on the truck bed were now in color range of engines was supplemented with 440-m V8 with 4-Chamber carburetor, known as "+6" conferring 440 Hemi-like acceleration for approximately half the price. Of course, "+6" still 440 wasn't HEMI, who continued to dominate over all other engines, but "+6" 440 can participate in races not worse than the older "Devourer of petrol." in 1970, the Road Runner has received new front and rear air intake mod, "Six Pack" was removed, but all models are complete with new air intake "Air Grabber". Its peculiarity was that he himself was closed when the engine was not working, so the motor does not fall leaves and other street trash. 1971 was the year-beginning of end of the era of Muscle Cars. It was only the fourth year since the launch of the model but because of Government price increases on gasoline, insurance and other laws, Road Runner began to die, like most Muscle Cars. Outwardly it was in fact the other car is a brand new, with new lines, forms and the new "front". Standard 383 engine-M3 lost 35 HP power, 440-e engines lost only 5 "horses", and HEMI far and gave 425 HP, but everyone already knew it in 1972 for a short while, the Road Runner got redesigned rear bumper, a new grille and 60-series tires. 383 5th V8 motors and 426 HEMI-have been reduced, there were new 400-M3 V8 rated at 255 HP in 1973, the design has changed again, twin headlights, like most models at the time. In 1974, there were only minor changes, and motors since last year have remained intact: 318 V8 170 HP, 360 V8 245 HP, 400 V8 255 HP, 440 V8 280 HP and 440 V8, yielding 330 +6 horses. In 1975 Road Runner was moved to the Plymouth Fury, but the following year moved to a new chassis from Volare. 318 engines were available-M3 V8 150 HP and 360 V8 rated at 170-horses. Road Runner has become an economical and low-Coupe, like the rest of the legendary Muscle Cars. From the "runner" is just the name, neither looks, nor engines — nothing reminiscent of the bygone "muscled animals".
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Model to replace: Buccaneer
Make: Plymouth
  • This model supports tuning in Transfeder and other tuning houses.
  • Steering wheel in this car is on the left.
  • This is a rear wheel drive car
  • This modification contains 4 paintjobs.

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